Hier eine Auswahl meiner Lieblingsbilder.

Hier eine Auswahl meiner Lieblingsbilder /Best of Finland Pics you find here.

3 Kommentare zu Polarlichter

  1. Wil Hedican sagt:

    I live in Thunder Bay Ontario Canada-For years a region with the highest concentration of Finlanders outside Finland. I have oft heard of the comparisons between the two places and through your photos I can see why. Keep up the good work Wil

    • Tarja sagt:

      Thank you, Wil! Comments like these give me the strength and motivation to carry on!!!
      …I didn´t know the fact, that so many Fins are living in this part of Canada… So many greetings across the sea….Have a nice autumn !!! 🙂

  2. Michi Buchner sagt:

    Wow, die Bilder sind wunderschön!! ♥

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