Here you can find everything about Finland – because Finland is much more than sauna, weird competitions and dark winters.
On my travels throughout the country, I show you the beauty and uniqueness of Finland and let you experience the far north with all your senses. You’ll get personal insights into everyday life, culture and customs, plus lots of tips for holidays in the far north.


Just starting with english version, so not all articles are in english yet!

Auffahren mit dem Auto auf die Fähre in Travemünde ©Foto: Tarja Prüss

Travelling to Finland, only with a one-way-ticket - and many questions in my it began

Finnische Fahne © Tarja Prüss

European Football Championship 2021 The Finnish football wonder The Huuhkajat in ecstasy Finland is actually an ice hockey nation. Since 15.11.2019, things …

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