Finland is a matter of the heart for me. I am infected. In love. Longing. My main job is as a radio and television journalist.
So writing is somehow in my blood. And Finland too. My mum’s country has conquered me.

Since 2013, I’ve been going wild here on the blog, writing my passion and enthusiasm for my second home off my chest.

With 35,000 clicks per month (source: statify – February 2020).

Tarja’s blog is ranked number 1 on Google (search: Finland Blog).


 tarja prüss


A declaration of love to the most beautiful country in the world. In book form. Published by Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf Berlin 2016.

What you can look forward to

Always in his luggage: paper and pen, camera and chocolate. If there was fresh hot coffee in a box, it would always be there, too.

Always on the lookout for places of longing and soul, for new and surprising stories that you won’t find in any travel guide.

Travel reports with a lot of love for detail, numerous tips and a wanderlust guarantee. Discover nature with new eyes, tell stories about people and animals, draw attention to the small inconspicuous things.

Tassen Kaffee

What to expect on Tarja's blog

With this blog, I would like to inspire you not only to walk on the beaten track. To awaken your wanderlust, to infect you with my longing, my passion and sometimes also my exuberance.

Invite you to join me on my adventures in Finland and share my experiences with you. With this blog, I want to convey something of my passion and enthusiasm for this country, its nature and its people.

On my blog, on Facebook and Instagram, I show you that the horizon goes further than the eye can see. Look behind the façade and over the horizon. And even a little further.

So happy...

…I’ll tell you the most popular places in the north
…where the bays are dreamy
…the forests are mystical
…where the sky is bluest
…all the senses come together
…good food spoils your palate
…I give insider tips 

111 places in Helsinki, you shouldn't miss

From Tarja Prüss and Photos from Juha Metso. Published at Emons Verlag 2018.

For you

The blog is addressed to:

  • Travellers & Globetrotters
  • Finland-Fans & Finland-Enthusiasts
  • Air gazers & daydreamers
  • slow-travellers & slow-foodies
    HAVE FUN …
  • Connoisseurs and outdoor freaks
  • Polar light addicts & moon lovers
  • North-sore sufferers & world explorers
  • Treasure hunters & holiday pirates

About blogging & writing

Take press, journalist and blogger codes of honour seriously. Stand for truth, love and freedom. To date, this blog is a gift to the world. The posts and links are not sponsored and have not been paid for. If I am invited on a trip, I make it transparent in the post.

Good to know

Was sagen andere über Tarjas Blog?

Tarja Prüss is a journalist, presenter and photographer with Finnish roots and runs a very exciting and informative blog about Finland! I've been browsing it for days and I'm just thrilled by this treasure trove of information, tips and reports and the many beautiful photos.
Nina Blazon (Quelle: privat)
NIna Blazon
Getting to know Tarja, I learned she has not only a great way of listening and observing the nature and atmosphere around her, but can also put these into well-placed words.
Thomas Kast aus Oulu (Copyright Foto: Tarja Prüss)
Thomas Kast
Photographer, Oulu Finland

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shortly in english:

Finland is a affair of heart for me. I’m infected, in love, longingly. By profession I’m radio and television journalist. Writing and finding right words are somehow already in my blood. And Finland also. Homeland of my Mum conquered me.
As a german girl with Finnish roots I spent several months in Finland, travelled trough whole country and started writing a private blog about my experiences just for friends. That was so joyful for me, together with my photo training, that I stuck on it. Write and share photos here on Tarja’s blog with great passion since 2013.
Want to share my passion and enthusiasm for the country, its nature, its people. Write about landscape, allday-life, midsummer, kaamos, christmas, finnishness, special events, regions, food, design, music, art….

Until today the blog is a gift to the world. There’s no sponsoring. Otherwise I’ll make it transparent. I respect code of press and blogger ethics.

111 reasons to live Finland“ is the title of my book. Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf Berlin 2016. Read more

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